Oktoberfest Logo.png

Our first light marzen Oktoberfest lager, sure to please all the senses, as it finishes both crisp and malty.

It Takes Two To Mango Logo.png

New! Delightfully fruit-forward without being overly sweet, kettle-sour with 42 pounds of mango puree to give it that incredibly fresh flavor.

Strawberry Marg Gose Logo.png

A blended barrel-aged Gose that we added strawberry puree, salt from the bay, and a bit of lime for that full bodied flavor you've been looking for.

Passion Fruit Logo.png

Our third annual Passionfruit IPA has returned, better than ever! Made with Citra, Galaxy, and Vic Secret hops, and 30 lbs. of passionfruit puree.

Cherry Amber Graff Logo.png

Most recent collaboration done with Redwood Coast Cider in San Carlos. 60% Amber ale, 40% cider, with 40 pounds of sweet cherry puree thrown into the mix.

Thats A Frap Logo.png

New! This coffee stout is filled with chocolate, vanilla, and cold brew flavors. Available on or off nitro. Made with Dead Eye coffee.