South San Francisco - the city of ingenuity. That’s why it’s emblazoned on Sign Hill.

The Industrial City.


This is the city of hard-work, innovation, and resolve.

The city of bootstraps, sweat, and blood (no tears in South City), forged by good old-fashioned American tenacity.

South San Francisco has a legacy of innovation and industriousness dating back to before its founding with the construction of the Western Meat Company in 1854. In the decades that followed, South San Francisco’s largest industries were agricultural - ranching, meat production, and even a duck farm (Reichardt Duck Farm).

It wasn’t until the early 1900s when the Industrial City would be home to the factories and forges from which the city’s nickname borne. At the turn of the century, W.P. Fuller & Co. would move its paint and varnish factory to South San Francisco. In 1911, Enterprise Foundry was established, and in 1913 and 1916, Virden Packing Company and Armour, respectively, opened meat packing factories.

During the 20th century, South City would be home to businesses including tanneries, shipyards, steelworks, smelting factories, ceramics producers, and coffee roasters. And in 1976, South San Francisco’s most well-known company - Genentech - was founded by Robert Swanson and Herbery Boyer.

Armstrong Brewing Company strives to maintain the spirit and traditions of the Industrial City with its innovative, one-of-a-kind brewing system and its dedication to small-batch, handcrafted beers. Like the South City innovators that came before us, we go beyond the expectations of a small business in an scrappy town, from our unique beer recipes to the taproom experience.

Armstrong is proud to be part of this rich history of South San Francisco because . . .

We are the city that built the Bay Area.

The city that spawned the bio-tech movement.

The city that made hard-work look easy.

We are South San Francisco.