Our brewery is located in the heart of down town South San Francisco, Ca. “The Industrial City” or South City has been home to many industries throughout its history like meat packing, ship building, and biotechnology.

How did we start?

Like many other great American success stories ours too started from humble beginnings in a South City garage.  In those days we brewed 3 gallon extract beers on a kitchen stove.  We then scaled up the process at 330 Littlefield with a bigger yet still small 2 barrel batch system.  The two barrel size was perfect for our brewery because most of our beers at the time were aged in oak barrels.


We produce beer on one of the only all in one mash and kettle systems around.  We have three 4 barrel ferms and produce around the clock to try and keep up with our taproom demands.  Located at 415 Grand Ave, SSF in the cellar of a historical building.  It's not easy to find us, but once you do you'll be excite and happy that you made the visit.