The Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas!


This is always one of the hardest questions to answer, what to get dad for Father’s Day?  If you’re lucky you have a father who will make it easy on you because he has a hobby, passion, or interest like playing golf that will help you generate ideas.   But what about the dad who has everything or is just hard to buy for?  Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!  Here’s our top ten list of cool gifts for dad this Father’s Day.  Make sure to read all the options on this list because we’ve got an item for all types of dad’s for all budgets.

No. 10 Jeep Hurricane Concept   Price: $2 Million

For the father with everything, get him a Jeep Hurricane!  For a cool $2 million (YEA MILLION!) you can get dad the jeep of his dreams.  Think of all the fun the two of you can have exploring new terrain.  It’s totted to be the most powerful 4X4 ever built, light carbon fiber body, two 5.7 liter, and an 8 cylinder HEMI engine.  It’ll get you a top speed of 155 mph, because half the fun is getting to where you’re going gast!

No. 9 Whiskey Tour at Seven Stills in SF   Price: $23 per ticket

Looking for something both you and dad can enjoy when he’s in town with his new JEEP HURRICANE you just bought him?  Why not do a tour of Seven Stills in San Francisco, Ca?  On their tour you’ll get to taste craft spirits and check out their copper pot still.  It’s a fun way to start you father’s day or cap off that lunch you just ate together.  Either way both of you will be glad that you stopped by for a tour and a taste.

No. 8 Lunch at New England Lobster Market & Eatery   Price: $10+

Speaking of lunch, if your dad loves seafood especially lobster then head over to New England Lobster Market & Eatery in Burlingame, Ca.  They have crab nachos, lobster rolls, and our favorite… LOBSTER TACOS!  With both outdoor and indoor seating it’s always a good day to visit them.  Parking can be a challenge, but if you’re patient you’ll usually find a spot nearby.

No. 7 Beer Aroma Booster    Price: $39

If your dad loves the first sip of beer he takes?  You can now help him recreate that pleasurable moment each time his beer settles with the Beer Aroma Booster.  The way it works is when the beer’s head dissipates you place the glass on a vibrating plate where you then add two teaspoons of water.  Allowing dad to enjoy his favorite beer sip after sip.

No.6 Beer Cap Map of USA   Price: $29

We’ve already established that your father probably likes to travel.  But when he’s not driving around that rough terrain in his JEEP HURRICANE you bought him he’s probably visiting other U.S. States and trying their beers.  With the Beer Cap Map he can now remember those fun trips and craft breweries by adding their bottle caps to his very own giant wood map.

No.5 Moto Windbreaker by Relwen   Price: $188

There are many, many options when it comes to windbreakers.  Just about any store you shop at has them come spring.  Plus you wouldn’t want dad catching a cold on while driving super-fast in his jeep.  Relwen has a number of really great clothing options and in the fall a great place to shop for flannel shirts and outer wear.

No.4 Gerber Covert Auto Pocket Knife   Price: $45

Dad needs a new pocket knife, you wouldn’t want him to be caught in a fight with a bear without one!  Make sure he’s equipped to take on what nature throws at him with a pocket knife from Gerber.  This sturdy knife fits nicely in your pocket and will hold up to the elements over time.

No. 3 American Felling Axe   Price: $550

Dad needs this Axe and he wants you to buy him one!  Not only will this axe help you cut down any tree in your way of build the ultimate log cabin, it will also make for a great talking piece on the mantel of said new cabin.  Built by Northmen Guild this axe is meant to be used and enjoyed for generations to come.  It’s one of those tools that he’ll be proud to say he owns and something that will build memories for years to come.  Northmen Guild does some really great stuff so check out the other items they have on their site as well.

No. 2 How to Taste Beer Class Price: $30

If both you and your father love beer then our beer class is a great gift for dad.  Enjoy a fun class in our taproom as Head Brewer Nick goes over the science, sensory notes of both taste and smell, and how these elements affect how you taste beer.  Included in this class you’ll receive a flight of beer as well as a beer note book.

No. 1 Bev Tie Price: $20

Yes!  You guessed it the number 1 item we think you should buy your Dad is a tie.  But not any tie a Bev Tie, why?  Because what dad couldn’t use a tie that holds your beer while you do dad stuff.  It comes in multiple colors so you can get dad the ultimate stylish Father’s Day gift without breaking the bank.

We hope we were able to help you find that perfect gift for dad this year.  If not you can always just bring him by our brewery for a fun day out with friends and family.  Happy Father’s Day!

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