Best places to drink and eat in South San Francisco, Ca


One of the most common questions we get bartending at our brewery is, “What’s there to do in South City?”  Well here is our take on what there’s to do in South City.  Most of which involves eating and drinking.    If you agree with our options great, if not let us know what other options we should consider telling or guests or trying out for ourselves in the comment section of this post.

1. Beer- We of course had to start here, with two breweries (47 Hills & us) whom offer different ambiances and beer styles you can’t go wrong visiting either or both.  47 Hills often has food trucks at their spot while we have one of the best trivia nights in the Bay Area every Wednesday.  Our brewery is also a great place for those trying to grab a quick bite or pint before they get on their home flight out of SFO.

2. Drink- The one thing South City has plenty of is bars; our favorites include the Standby, Hometown Heroes, & Foundry & Lux.  The Standby is always a good spot to stop by right after work to grab a cocktail and free slice of pizza when offered.  Hometown Heroes offers some of the best street tacos around and is a must stop on Taco Tuesday.  If you’re looking for a spot to bowl and have a drink Foundry & Lux has you covered.   For all these location check their times before going as they do vary.

3. Mexican Food- There’s no shortage of great Mexican cuisine in South City.  For Mexican food we recommend starting off at La Tapatia.  Located next door to us, they make it convenient when you’re in a rush to swing by grab a burrito or quesadilla and go.  Just down from La Tapatia is El Farolito they do street tacos well and their salsas are very flavorful.  Taqueria La Morena is a great spot to sit down and enjoy a meal with family and friends.

4. Sandwiches-Here’s where the debate begins.  In my opinion no city does sandwiches better or has more to choose from than South City.  That being said here are our top 3 best spots to visit. Located on Airport Boulevard Darby Dan’s does it right with their garlic mayo sauce.  It doesn’t matter which sandwich you get, if the garlic sauce is on it, you’re winning.  Bogy’s Hofbrau will make sure that you don’t leave hungry.  They offer a number of plate dishes besides just sandwiches if you’re looking to skip all the carbs.  Whether you go with a sandwich or plate, their freshly cut meats with tasty sides make it a must stop.   Finally King’s Sandwich makes our list, super friendly staff that always have a good recommendation for the food mood you’re in that day.  If you have time, also check out Little Lucca, Big Belly Deli, and Subculture.

5. Coffee- We love our coffee in South City and there are two spots that you’ll want to visit while in town.  Amis Creperie + Café is all about locally sourced items, Mark will make sure that you get a cup of coffee made to your liking.   His knowledge of coffee will impress you and his creps will inspire the start of your day.  We can’t say enough great things about his spot.  If you venture past City Hall you’ll run into Antigua Coffee Shop.  What makes Antigua unique is that they offer beer on tap in addition to coffee!  There aren’t too many coffee shops that can say the same.

6. Mediterranean Food-If you’re pressed for time Ali Baba is the spot to go, they do a solid job on their lamb & beer wraps (Combo #2).  The ambiance of the place is great and they have plenty of options on their menu.  If you have the time, then we recommend Amoura Restaurant.  Service is great, the food is fantastic, as well as their bacon wrapped dates.

7. Sushi- Izanami knows sushi, and if you’re looking for romen this is the spot to go.  They have so many sushi options on their menu you’ll be challenged to decide on what you want to order.  Though Kamu Sushi has a small store front don’t be fooled, their sushi comes with big flavor!  We advise ordering a bento box and some rolls for an awesome meal out.

8. Jamaican Food- Next door to Kamu Sushi you’ll find Flavas Jamaican Grill.  Enjoy Jerk Pork, Chicken, or Oxtail to just name a few of their dishes.  The portions are large so you’ll definitely get your money worth when you order a plate with them.

9. Asian Food- If you’re looking for something different try Ben Tres’ their mouthwatering Vietnamese food will leave you wanting more.  Looking for BBQ? Try Fil-Am located on Grand Ave, they specialize in Filipino cuisine and offer favorites like pancit and lumpia.  Peanut Sauce? Thai Satay offers Thai food dishes that are both tasty and filling.  If you’re looking to get your heart rate up, this is the spot to try some spicy food.

10. Tired of all the eating?  Check out Bitters & Bottles, they have a spirits selection that will blow your mind.  They do a great job of stocking hard to find items and will help you find that perfect bottle for that hard to shop for person in your life.

There you go our list of top spots to stop by the next time you’re in South City or just hungry.

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