A CLASS for everyone

Looking for something fun that you and a few friends can do on a Saturday afternoon?  Flight School may just be the perfect solution.  In this class you'll get to hear from our head brewer Nick about what make each beer special and unique. 

How to attend

If you're interested in attending this class you can purchase tickets in our taproom or through the link provided.  If you or your company would be interested in this class as an offsite event contact us at brewcrew@armstrongbrewing.com

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Beer 101


We believe that it's just as import to know about how your beer was made as it is what beer you're drinking.   Our beer school goal is to help you better understand the process and the flavors behind your favorite beers as it'll add to your experience.

how to attend a class

If you're interested in attending one of our Beer 101 classes that are offered typically once a quarter you can purchase tickets in our taproom or through Eventbrite by clicking on the link provided.


Learn to brew

We like to believe that we are different from many other micro breweries.  One way we differ is through our Brew Crew classes.  Once a quarter our head brewer Nick Armstrong will go through how to brew beer in this hands on class.  Each class is limited to six people and typically take about six hours.   Once the beer you helped brew is finished and ready to go on tap we'll invite you back to be one of the first people to try it and tell all of you friends that you made that beer!

how to attend

You can purchase tickets to this class in our taproom or through the link provided below.

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